The Day My Patience was Tested (Advanced Freshie Registration)

My CAL friends/ HS classmates and I arrived at the Faculty Center at 8:30. The start of the college briefing was at 8; but because of our commendable orienteering skills, we got late. So we had no choice but to enter the Claro M. Recto Hall, fashionably late.

Thanking God that the college briefing hasn’t ended yet, we registered by the entrance and sat to listen to the speakers. After 3 minutes or so, students started to file out of the hall by degree programs so I followed the line for the Creative Writing program and left my friends behind. An upperclassman distributed our Student Directory and Form 5A (this is where you see your pre-enlisted classes) and told us to go to a certain room for pre-advising.

Strutting through the hallway, I found the room the upperclassman said. The sign on the door said, “English Studies” but I said, Fuck it, I wanna be first on the pre-advising, the sign must be a mistake.

Some of my course-mates followed me so I figured I must be on the right room.

Boy, I was wrong.

The professor on the room said that the room is for the pre-advising of the English Studies majors. My course-mates and I had no choice but to leave and look for the room for the Creative Writing majors.

We found it, but we were already late. They have all lined up and we found ourselves at the tail of the line. The Creative Writing program has only 35 freshies this year, though; so the wait wasn’t that long.

But still, we had to kill time. We went about the introductions – asking names, schools, and principles in life (joke) – and we compared schedules. I was glad that the four of us, the four people who went through the crusade of finding the right room for pre-advising, were classmates in at least one class! The ever-enthusiastic upperclassmen also entertained us as we waited for our turns to be advised. 🙂

When pre-advising was over, I stayed at the FC lobby to wait for my CAL friends/ HS classmates, only to get tired of waiting and going to the OUR ahead of them anyways.

The end of the line was already outside, winding at the streets that I lost motivation to line-up and almost headed home, but I lined-up anyway.

The line crawled steadily. Thankfully, I had eBooks to read to pass time.

My phone battery was fast to drain, though; so I had to turn it off and endure the long line, heat, and stress in utter silence.

It was not until about 2 hours that my seatmates and I started talking to each other. We had to, because the still long line will bore the hell out of us. I learned that they were also CAL students, and that most of them were English Studies majors (I hope they didn’t see me when I walked out of their pre-advising room, embarrassed!).

After passing the requirements at the first floor of the OUR, we went to the third floor to line-up AGAIN for the validation and enlistment of subjects.

I saw some of my HS classmates in that line, but we barely talked because I had new friends to chat with.

I didn’t know that I and my new friends would /click/, but we did. They carried me through the 3-hour long line with their humor and good conversational skills, and I already love them for that. We even agreed to take the same PEs, but we were unable to do so because there were no more slots for that PE class. Anyway, hooray for introverted me for making friends so easily! 🙂

I finished enlistment at 6:00. I still had to pay the tuition fees, but the offices were already closed, so I had to come on another day. I bid my new friends and some of my old classmates goodbye, then headed for the nearest waiting shed for a Katip jeep.

There were a lot of things to blame for my not finishing the registration early: the Philcoa jeepney we rode that took us to the QCMC instead of FC; the wrong room we entered for pre-advising; and the time wasted at waiting for my HS classmates, whom – I later learned – went ahead of me at the OUR ( -_-). But I didn’t regret any of those things; because if I had arrived at the OUR a minute earlier than I did, I would’ve been seated with different people and I probably wouldn’t have made friends. 🙂


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