What Goes Inside The Mind Of A Struggling Writer

I’ve got to write something. I’ve got to write about anything. Being a writer means that you have to write every day. Being a writer means that you have to practice every day because writing is a craft; and you have to master it. But what will I write about? What creative idea can I get from my mind? Will I be able to come up with a creative idea every day? Is my mind even capable of producing creative ideas? How do you write? How do you write? I don’t even know the basics of writing. How will I be able to write a prose as beautiful as – okay, I couldn’t even think of a good metaphor! How will I impress the audience? How? When do I start? Will I let procrastination get in the way of writing again? I need to find a place conducive for writing, where? Oh, there’s a piano. Maybe I can play some tunes before making stories. Maybe if I play the piano first, a creative thought will jump at me. No. Creativity cannot just enter your mind. You have to chase it. Why am I writing this incoherent paragraph? Why am I even writing all of these down? Because I read that you should just write everyday. I read from a blog* that when writing, leave grammar, leave spelling, leave everything at the door. Write your heart out. The backspace is your enemy.  And that’s what I’m doing now. Oh, please. Will readers even read this? Don’t think that way, Edmar. Don’t write for the readers. Write for yourself. Jeff Goins said it. I’m getting tired of punching keys now. Maybe it’s time to stop. No! Don’t stop. It hasn’t even took up 10 minutes yet. Don’t try to stop. Don’t even think of it. That’s where failure comes. Yes. No. I’m going crazy. Is it like this everyday when you’re a writer? Probably. I’m going crazy. Hahahaha. I’m crazy. I love it.

Did I just write that piece of crap? Wow.

And now, to edit.

* ageofthediary.wordpress.com


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