Why I Had Extreme Tachycardia

I was browsing through the internet when it happened, one night, January 12, 2015.

As soon as I got inside the dormitory, I threw my bag on the floor and opened my laptop. upcat.up.edu.ph/results, I typed in the browser, and waited for it to load. I managed to memorize the address due to my everyday visiting of the site.

Last Updated: February 2, 2014

This has always been my routine since December, when the DLSUCET Results came out. I did not take the DLSUCET, so I didn’t feel the reassurance of passing that my classmates did.

Disappointed once again, I went outside to have dinner with my dormmates.

Fast forward to around 10 o’ clock. I had just succeeded in thinking of a witty tweet, and I was about to press Tweet when I saw some of RiSci’s alumni tweeting, “Congrats, Batch 2015 UPCAT Passers!”

I think my heartbeat leapt from 95 to 295.

“Iseah, pumunta ka dito!” (“Iseah, come here!”) I shouted across the dormitory hall while hurriedly typing the UPCAT Results address.

Iseah (who would later become RiSci’s Class 2015 Valedictorian) was a batchmate who also took the UPCAT. He went to my room looking rather annoyed (I probably disturbed him from playing NBA 2K15). “Look.” I gestured for him to look at my laptop.

“Shit.” Iseah whispered. “Shet!” he shouted, then he went out of the room.

As he was broadcasting the news to everyone in the dorm, I searched for the row where my name is supposed to be. I clicked the row and the page loaded in an instant.

I scrolled down…

Thud. Thud.


Thud. Thud.


Thud. Thud.


Thud. Thud.

I closed my eyes.

I heard Iseah arrive.

I opened my eyes.


My heartbeat galloped from 295 to 595.

I shouted on the top of my lungs, “Yes!” My hands trembled, and I forgot everything that happened next. I just remeber floating in the clouds.

I never felt something like this. Every part of me was cold. My heart beats like I’ve just finished a marathon.

Dream School. Dream Course. “Maraming salamat, Lord.” (“Thank you very much, Lord.”) I muttered.

I tweeted, I posted. There was an outrage on social media. The news spread like wildfire. In the next second, everyone was talking about UPCAT Results. I remember chatting some of my classmates and typing while my hands are trembling.

It took almost two hours before I got over the impression that I passed.

I lay in bed, muttering a prayer almost every minute, until I fell asleep peacefully.


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