It Has Been Two Weeks Since The Start Of Classes

Say hi to my friends, Dy, Giddens, and Jameson!

…and I’m already drowning in a sea of readings. Being a person who used to read 400 pages of Rick Riordan in a day, I thought 15-20 pages of required readings would be a piece of cake; and I have never been so wrong. Apparently, demigod adventures, and globalization and political strategy are two disparate topics; and one requires more understanding and critical thinking than the other.

The courseworks may be daunting, but I’ll quote Gaia De Mesa here and say, “I want it more than I am afraid of it.” Here’s to more sleep-inducing readings! 😀



He saw her look once more. He looked away. He stood, put his earphones on, slung his backpack, then he risked another glance – she was doing the same thing. I’ve got to walk out of here fast, he thought. He fought his way through the crowd and made it to the door when something pink and shampoo-smelling whipped his face.

“I’m sorry!” a timid voice said. He helped her stand, but when he looked into her eyes…

He fell.

Everyone at the café was staring at them. He took her hand and walked them out.

“Are you alright?” he said when they got out, “I’m sorry.” But she was already walking away.

Maybe this time, he thought. He caught up to her and apologized once more.

“Really,” she said, “it’s alright. Thanks.” She walked faster.

“H-hey,” he hesitated, “at least let me walk you home.” She didn’t reply.

Walking through the neighborhood, they were the only pink heads in the monochrome afternoon sea of dark blue, gray, and maroon.

Then she stopped at a house with a green garden. “This is it,” she squeaked, then opened their gate.

“Wait!” he called. He pulled out a card and handed it to her. “Call me,” he might have made it sound like a command. Please, he added in his head.

He watched her walk inside, and his hair returned to dull gray.


Jake, the calling card said. She has been keeping it in her wallet for days, unsure of what to do.

“You’ve got to give him a chance, you know,” her mom told her one day, when she couldn’t hide the pink of her hair. Her mom was beautiful, but her hair hardly changed from indigo, since her father had left them.

This afternoon her pink hair was streaked with yellow.

Without thinking, she dialed the number. She’s been doing this every afternoon, but she couldn’t bring herself to press the call button. She’s been playing, placing her thumb near the call button…

But this time her thumb had touched it.

She had pressed it.

Her yellows went red-orange.

“Oh no,” she panicked, “Oh no, no, no!” she pressed her face on her pillow as the phone rang. Don’t answer it, please, she thought.

“Hello?” the same cool baritone that had uttered at least five sentences to her said.

Pink. Bright pink.

“Um, hello?” she responded.

And they talked all night that night, and the night after that, and the whole week after that.


Before Harmony started calling every night, his hair was usually faded blue. But now, as he dressed for their first date, upon hearing her cool alto voice over the phone, it was the brightest of pink. He picked out a navy blue shirt, which he figured would bring out the pink hair best. He wanted to show her how much he’s in love.

Nothing could possibly go wrong this time, he thought, his hair changing slightly from pink to red-orange to pink again, as he walked down the few blocks to her house.

Then he caught sight of her. Her hair, the brightest pink he had ever seen, was so clearly standing out against the blue of her dress and the bronze of her skin. Apparently, they had the same idea to show off their love by wearing a color that would bring their hair out.

They greeted each other. Then they went to a near restaurant, where they had a most magical night.


Since the first date, her hair had never changed color. She started attracting attention at work because of her hair, but even the stare of a hundred people couldn’t match Jake’s melting gaze.

They went to restaurants, walked around the park, they even drove out of town; and in those moments her hair and his didn’t change colors.

They still talked on the phone every night and dated every weekend.

Sure, they might have missed a few weekends, but they’re consistent, nonetheless.


Like a routine one is obliged to do.

Sometimes his hair was a slightly paler pink.

“I’m so in love with you, Harmony.”

Sometimes with streaks of dark blue.

“It’s nothing. I’m just pretty exhausted, that’s all.”

Sometimes with streaks of gray.

“Don’t you want to do something… different?”

Her hair hasn’t changed color, though.


He thought this time would be different.

He was wrong.

He decided not to dye his hair anymore.

He’s gonna say it tonight.


One night he came with his hair completely black.

And that’s when she realized. She didn’t want to admit it, but she understood.

No sentences exchanged.

The platter of plates.

The classical music.

The aroma of the dishes.

A deafening silence.

“I’m really sorry,” he said.

“It’s alright,” she said.


The Day My Patience was Tested (Advanced Freshie Registration)

My CAL friends/ HS classmates and I arrived at the Faculty Center at 8:30. The start of the college briefing was at 8; but because of our commendable orienteering skills, we got late. So we had no choice but to enter the Claro M. Recto Hall, fashionably late.

Thanking God that the college briefing hasn’t ended yet, we registered by the entrance and sat to listen to the speakers. After 3 minutes or so, students started to file out of the hall by degree programs so I followed the line for the Creative Writing program and left my friends behind. An upperclassman distributed our Student Directory and Form 5A (this is where you see your pre-enlisted classes) and told us to go to a certain room for pre-advising.

Strutting through the hallway, I found the room the upperclassman said. The sign on the door said, “English Studies” but I said, Fuck it, I wanna be first on the pre-advising, the sign must be a mistake.

Some of my course-mates followed me so I figured I must be on the right room.

Boy, I was wrong.

The professor on the room said that the room is for the pre-advising of the English Studies majors. My course-mates and I had no choice but to leave and look for the room for the Creative Writing majors.

We found it, but we were already late. They have all lined up and we found ourselves at the tail of the line. The Creative Writing program has only 35 freshies this year, though; so the wait wasn’t that long.

But still, we had to kill time. We went about the introductions – asking names, schools, and principles in life (joke) – and we compared schedules. I was glad that the four of us, the four people who went through the crusade of finding the right room for pre-advising, were classmates in at least one class! The ever-enthusiastic upperclassmen also entertained us as we waited for our turns to be advised. 🙂

When pre-advising was over, I stayed at the FC lobby to wait for my CAL friends/ HS classmates, only to get tired of waiting and going to the OUR ahead of them anyways.

The end of the line was already outside, winding at the streets that I lost motivation to line-up and almost headed home, but I lined-up anyway.

The line crawled steadily. Thankfully, I had eBooks to read to pass time.

My phone battery was fast to drain, though; so I had to turn it off and endure the long line, heat, and stress in utter silence.

It was not until about 2 hours that my seatmates and I started talking to each other. We had to, because the still long line will bore the hell out of us. I learned that they were also CAL students, and that most of them were English Studies majors (I hope they didn’t see me when I walked out of their pre-advising room, embarrassed!).

After passing the requirements at the first floor of the OUR, we went to the third floor to line-up AGAIN for the validation and enlistment of subjects.

I saw some of my HS classmates in that line, but we barely talked because I had new friends to chat with.

I didn’t know that I and my new friends would /click/, but we did. They carried me through the 3-hour long line with their humor and good conversational skills, and I already love them for that. We even agreed to take the same PEs, but we were unable to do so because there were no more slots for that PE class. Anyway, hooray for introverted me for making friends so easily! 🙂

I finished enlistment at 6:00. I still had to pay the tuition fees, but the offices were already closed, so I had to come on another day. I bid my new friends and some of my old classmates goodbye, then headed for the nearest waiting shed for a Katip jeep.

There were a lot of things to blame for my not finishing the registration early: the Philcoa jeepney we rode that took us to the QCMC instead of FC; the wrong room we entered for pre-advising; and the time wasted at waiting for my HS classmates, whom – I later learned – went ahead of me at the OUR ( -_-). But I didn’t regret any of those things; because if I had arrived at the OUR a minute earlier than I did, I would’ve been seated with different people and I probably wouldn’t have made friends. 🙂

What Goes Inside The Mind Of A Struggling Writer

I’ve got to write something. I’ve got to write about anything. Being a writer means that you have to write every day. Being a writer means that you have to practice every day because writing is a craft; and you have to master it. But what will I write about? What creative idea can I get from my mind? Will I be able to come up with a creative idea every day? Is my mind even capable of producing creative ideas? How do you write? How do you write? I don’t even know the basics of writing. How will I be able to write a prose as beautiful as – okay, I couldn’t even think of a good metaphor! How will I impress the audience? How? When do I start? Will I let procrastination get in the way of writing again? I need to find a place conducive for writing, where? Oh, there’s a piano. Maybe I can play some tunes before making stories. Maybe if I play the piano first, a creative thought will jump at me. No. Creativity cannot just enter your mind. You have to chase it. Why am I writing this incoherent paragraph? Why am I even writing all of these down? Because I read that you should just write everyday. I read from a blog* that when writing, leave grammar, leave spelling, leave everything at the door. Write your heart out. The backspace is your enemy.  And that’s what I’m doing now. Oh, please. Will readers even read this? Don’t think that way, Edmar. Don’t write for the readers. Write for yourself. Jeff Goins said it. I’m getting tired of punching keys now. Maybe it’s time to stop. No! Don’t stop. It hasn’t even took up 10 minutes yet. Don’t try to stop. Don’t even think of it. That’s where failure comes. Yes. No. I’m going crazy. Is it like this everyday when you’re a writer? Probably. I’m going crazy. Hahahaha. I’m crazy. I love it.

Did I just write that piece of crap? Wow.

And now, to edit.


Batch Run Results Are Already Out?!

I didn’t expect the results to come out this early because the UPD UFC said that it usually takes two days for the batch run to finish. So I was surprised to see this when I opened the Freshman Preenlistment module!

Hooray for complete units! 🙂

I guess luck was on me because I got 15 units! 🙂 I don’t have to line up for the manual enlistment! I didn’t get all of my first choices, though. But a class is a class! At least I’m not one of those woe-is-me-I-only-got-six-units freshies tweeting about their miserable fate and listening to My Chemical Romance (as if that would help them ease the pain). Okay, I’m exaggerating. 😀

Being the overly excited freshie that I am, I put the schedule right away on an app I downloaded.

Created using My Study Life app :)
Created using My Study Life app 🙂

There’s this one small (BIG!) problem about the classes I got, though. I only have one WF class (YAAY!), but FIVE TTh classes. Not to mention the 30-minute lunch break, most of which will probably be spent in travelling from CAL to Alum Ctr. 😦

So I decided that I will cancel my PE and enlist in another one on a WF (Shame, I enlisted in this class because of the prof!). I guess I have to line-up for the manual enlistment, after all.

And that’s it! I’ll just have to enlist in another PE (The upperclassmen assured us that will be more PE classes to enlist in.), and pay for matriculation on July 7. I hope everything goes well! 🙂

College Goal: CAL Outstanding Thesis

I just had to post something.

Nga pala, belated happy first monthsary, my wordpress! (Sorry na kung hindi ko masyadong nakakapag-post. Hindi pa naman pasukan eh hihi. I promise to post more often come August 🙂 )

So I was absentmindedly browsing the internet when I stumbled upon a UP BA Comparative Literature alumna’s tumblr account – At about 10 posts deep, I found out that she was nominated for CAL’s Outstanding Thesis Award (I didn’t even know there was such a thing!).

And thus, my dream was born.